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    Mixed diaryl-p-phenylene diamine (Win gstay 100 AZ)


    Win gstay 100 AZ
    Chemical name: Mixed diaryl-p-phenylene diamine
    International trade name: Antigene DTP   Wingstay100 AZ
    Use: DAPD is a kind of efficient antioxidant used in tyre industry, and is especially applicable in truck tyres and OTR tyres. DAPD is widely used in various radial tyres and diagonal tyres as well as many other rubber products.
    Functions: Antioxidant DAPD is a kind of lasting effective antiozonant, and excellent antiozonant for CR. It is perfect antiozonant to extend the useful life of tyres if used together with Antioxidant OD. It has the strongest metal oxidation resistance among all phenylene diamine antioxidant. It can inhibit fatigue failure, without transferable contamination or influence to vulcanization and scorching. Its dosage in rubber is high.
    Quality index:


    Brownish grey granule
    Melting point °C ≥
    Loss on heating % ≤
    Ash content % ≤


    Package: Pack in paper bag lined with PVC film bag; net weight: 25kg/bag.
    Storage: Store in dry and ventilated places. Keep away from moisture and fire.

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    Add:No. 8, Weier Rd., North of Economic Development Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, China

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